Puerto Rican News: June 6, 2018

Here's my roundup of Puerto Rican news for the week of June 6, 2018:

  • The young Puerto Rican soprano Nasha Padilla won first place at the Classical Singers Vocal Competition & Convention en Boston. I'll admit, I'm super ignorant when it comes to classical music and opera, but you don't have to be Pavarotti to tell that this girl's got talent. Check out her performance here. I'm glad the universe didn't give me ANY musical talent, because if I had her voice I'd be insufferable.
  • And talking about musical talent...if you have any at all, Hamilton is holding auditions for their San Juan show next Wednesday, June 13th. Despite my copious internet stalking, I couldn't figure out if Lynn Manuel Miranda is going to be there. But if I were you, I'd just show up because you just never know. #celebritycrush
  • Did you know that El Yunque has more diversity in flora and fauna than any forest in the US Forest Service? Umm...me neither! It has over 1,000 species of plants, 164 different animals and tress that are over 1,000 years. You can find these and other facts about our favorite forest in this new book. 
  • To commemorate the start of the World Cup in Russia, El Nuevo Día interviewed 3 Russian women living in Puerto Rico. These "rusorriqueñas" shared what surprised them the most about our culture and I'm sharing their answers here because I found them hilarious and just SO TRUE:
  • Para conmemorar la Copa Mundial en Rusia, El Nuevo Día entrevistó a varias mujeres rusas residentes de Puerto Rico. Las "rusorriqueñas" compartieron lo que más les sorprendió sobre nuestra cultura y les pongo aquí (transcritas con pequeñitos errores gramaticales) sus contestaciones porque son TAN CIERTAS:
"I never thought that people here eat so much rice. So for example, for me, I never eat so much rice in my life than I've eaten for 2 years and a half."
"For me it's really surprising when people say here 'when summer starts'. And I'm like, isn't it summer all year round?"
"In the winter some close the pool and I'm like, come on, the temperature is the same!"

(My answer to the 3rd rusarriqueña: Emmm...we close the pools because the water is FREEZING in winter. All Boricuas knows that. :))

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