Puerto Rico News: May 23, 2018

  • This video of the song "Pa'lante" from Hurray for the Riff Raff killed me. The lyrics, the images, Alynda Segarra's voice, the words of Pedro Pietri...it's nearly impossible not to get goosebumps and teary-eyed. I went on a total binge of the band and loved this interview with the video's director Kristian Mercado. Thank you Alynda and Kristian for gifting us this masterpiece. ¡Pa'lante! 
  • For the first time ever a startup from Puerto Rico was accepted into Y Combinator, one of the most prestigious seed accelerators in the world. Their startup, BrainHi, provides doctors and medical professionals with a sort of virtual assistant/receptionist that allows them to seamlessly handle communication with patients. This is music to my pregnant ears - I can't tell you how many hours I spend 'on hold' these days. This tweet by @Parallel18 shows the founders, graduates of the University of PR Mayagüez, pitching. So exciting!
  • This video of Chayanne dancing and this one of Pedro Capó singing "Soñando con Puerto Rico". Need I say more?
  • The Red Bull Music Festival took place in NYC on May 19th and it was a veritable tribute to the origins of reggaeton. The lineup: The Noise live (DJ Negro, Ivy Queen, DJ Nelson, Alberto Stylee, Micol Super Star, Ranking Stone), Rosa Pistola, DJ Lobo and RIOBAMBA. So basically, it was an oldschool 'pari de marquesina'. Here are a couple of pictures of the event and since I couldn't find any videos, I'll leave you with this gift from the gods of reggaeton. You're welcome. :)