Puerto Rico News: May 16, 2018

Here's my roundup of Puerto Rican news stories for the week of May 16, 2018.

  • Medalla just made the trip over to Florida and it's selling like hot cakes! Umm...obviously! It's so freaking hot over there! The director of sales and marketing for Titán, the company distributing our dear Medalla, said they had projected to sell 12,000 cases but actually sold 40,000 and they have 50,000 more underway. Super important question: if it took them until 2018 to reach Florida, when the hell are they going to make it to Seattle?! I think I'll just need to keep drinking this IPA stuff....
  • Selecto Supermarkets in Puerto Rico just won the Guiness World Record for the largest arroz con gandules in history, cooked to celebrate their 40th anniversary. It looks so delicious! 
  • This was an amazing week for our dear Marc Anthony. First, he visited Orocovis where he donated $300,000 for a pediatric clinic on wheels -you can see the super emotional video here. A couple of days later he announced a mega contract of more than $160 million for his next tour, the largest compensation received by a Latino artist EVER. I'm so proud! Marc, wherever you go, I'll be there to hear you singing Preciosa and cry like a fool.
  • Airbnb launched its Experiences platform in Puerto Rico and for the next 3 months they'll be donating 100% of proceeds to non-profits in the island. I went ahead and stalked some of these experiences and I have to say, they're pretty awesome. Here's are the ones that seem the most interesting-slash-funny, alongside my very immature commentary: