Puerto Rico News: May 9, 2018

Here's my Puerto Rican news roundup for the week of May 9, 2018: 

The road to complete recovery will be long, but so many of the island’s pleasures are unchanged: the sweet-salty crunch of pan de Mallorca, the vertiginous views of karst haystacks from a hillside café, the ceaseless night songs of the coquí. Experiencing those things for yourself — and spending freely and lending a hand while you’re there — is the best way to help fellow Americans rebuild their island idyll.
— Travel and Leisure, May 2018
  • The New York Times published an obituary for Julia de Burgos as part of their series Overlooked, which celebrates the life and achievement of pioneers who in their lifetime (because of race, social class or other reasons) were overlooked. Reading this obituary I realized how little I know about Julia's life. I learned she left Puerto Rico at 25 to never return, that she suffered from alcoholism and that her cause of death was never 100% confirmed. Thank you NYT for teaching this ignorant Puerto Rican chic about her culture! 
  • El New York Times publicó un obituario a Julia de Burgos como parte de su serie Overlooked, la cual intenta celebrar los logros de personas destacadas que en su tiempo fueron pasadas por alto. Leyendo el obituario me di cuenta de lo poco que se de la vida de esta poeta. No sabía, por ejemplo, que Julia se fue de Puerto Rico a los 25 años y no regresó jamás. No sabía que sufría de alcoholismo ni que su causa de muerte nunca fue 100% determinada. ¡Gracias NYT for resaltarla y enseñarle algo a esta Boricua ignorante! :)
  • I grew up watching the Simpsons on channel 11. If you're a fan, follow the Instagram account @simpsonized. The Simpsons just completed a roadtrip around Puerto Rico. Seeing Homer drink a Medalla (instead of a Duff) really made my day. Here's a couple of my favorite posts:

(Photo Credit: @simpsonized)