Puerto Rico News: April 25, 2018

Here's a summary of Puerto Rico news for the week of April 25, 2018.

  • Our dear Francisco Lindor's homerun left me crying like a fool (even though I don't know a thing about baseball). It was so exciting to see this young man of 24, hailing from Caguas, triumph in Puerto Rican soil.
  • Less than 24 hours after Lindor illuminated our hearts and souls, the lights went off again in all of Puerto Rico.  This time it wasn't a tree (thanks, Mother Nature) but a digger owned by Cobra Acquisitions that apparently got too close to an electric line and shut down the whole island. (Cobra is one of two teeny tiny companies -the other more well-known one is Whitefish- that PREPA hired to fix the electrical grid in Puerto Rico. Anyway, I prefer @yosoymolusco's hypothesis that the blackout was caused by a bunch of pigeons hanging out on a cable. Or my personal theory that it was Tito Kayak! 
  • Menos de 24 horas después de que este astro iluminara nuestros corazones con su batazo, la luz se fue en todo Puerto Rico. Esta vez no fue un árbol lo que causó la avería  (gracias, Madre Naturaleza) si no una máquina excavadora de Cobra Acquisitions que aparentemente se acercó demasiado a una línea eléctrica. (Cobra es una de dos compañías super chiquitas  -la otra es Whitefish- que PREPA contrató para arreglar el masivo sistema eléctrico de Puerto Rico. Medio sketchy...) Anyway, prefiero la hipótesis de @yosoymolusco que el apagón fue causado por un bonche de palomas janguiando sobre un cable. O mi teoría personal: ¡que fue la venganza de Tito Kayak!
  • This week we got a sneak peek at Rosario Dawson's cover of "Ricanstruction," a series of comics were our hero, a badass Puerto Rican chick named Marisol Ríos de la Luz (AKA La Borinqueña) gets together with Batman, Superman and other superheroes to rebuild Puerto Rico. If only we could shine the Bat Signal on all this! (Might need a couple generators...too soon?) The whole series launches on May 18 at ComiCon in Puerto Rico. You can access the pre-sale here. 100% of proceeds will go to PR rebuilding efforts.
  • D'Marquesina, my favorite Puerto Rican DJs, released a new Mix Tape titled "Neo Perreo". If I play it one more time I think my husband will divorce me (though it might be worth it...kidding!). Seriously, thank you D'Marquesina for making me feel like I'm partying in San uan even though I'm really laying on my couch, 28 weeks pregnant, eating a whole box of Oreos. (Note: The songs contain sensitive material, so if you 're around kids you might want to put on some headphones.)