Puerto Rico News: April 18, 2018

Here are the Puerto Rican news stories that made me click (and smile!) this week:

  • Heinz unveils its #mayochup and basically takes credit for having invented that delicious combo of mayo and ketchup that's more Puerto Rican than the coquí. Very soon McDonald's will "invent" arepas and Whole Foods will "discover" the nutricional value of sesame cookies. The gold medal goes to @thedavidperez_ who wrote on Twitter that Mayochup sounds more like a Pokemon character than a condiment. Well played, sir! So true.
  • "Lamento Borincano" entered the National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress, a list of songs representative of the "American Experience. If you can't remember the song you can listen to it here. (Get some Kleenex tho because it's goose bump central.)
  • The state of Vermont is trying to attract hundreds of Puerto Ricans to come work there. Unsolicited advice for whoever is in charge of this campaign: don't mention the freezing temperatures in winter or the latitude/longitude of your state. Oh and when is Hawaii going to open its doors to us?

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