Anda Pa'l Semanal - July 18, 2018


Here’s my list of 5 things that made me yell ¡Anda Pa’l! this week:

What I’m watching

Bethenny Frankel and Mark Cuban bring "Bar Rescue" to Puerto Rico
The bar they're rescuing is called "El K'rajo". I wonder if they know what that means...

What I’m listening to

A Kul Kul podcast interviews Jon Secada

And now I have "Just Another Day" stuck in my head.

What I’m reading

Puerto Rican Bomba goes mainstream
At least according to this article by the New York Times. More than anything, I loved the photography.

My Instagram obsession

The caricatures of @dorilozada

I identify 100% with the characters created by this super talented Boricua. It's like she's reading my mind.

The Shrimp Poodle killed me.

Something that got me excited

Fiel a la Vega is hosting a concert in August
They'll be performing at Vivo Beach Club in Isla Verde. Is there any way I can travel out there with a newborn? 

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