Hi my name is Rita, thanks for stopping by!

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Nice to meet you!

I'm so glad you dropped by!

I'm Caribbean, addicted to coffee, traumatized by winter, a bit aloof and forgetful but always ready to put on my dancing shoes! 

I was born beautiful San Juan, PR, but life and work brought me to Seattle, where the sun barely comes out to play. My parents are Cuban. They talk and laugh VERY LOUDLY, a trait I've been lucky enough to inherit and which I consider one of my more charming qualities. (I swear.) I have 6 brothers and sisters and all of us live in different states in the US. Four of them have spouses from different countries: Colombia, US, Mexico and France. So yeah, my family is like a mini-United Nations.

I myself am married to a wonderful man hailing from Austria, a green and mountainous country that I'll someday call home. In our home with speak fun and wacky English. I'm currently trying to learn German, which is so hard. I promise I'll be decent at it in 10 years, but right now I have the language skills of a 5 year old: the perfect age, full of imagination!

This site is my way of dealing with my nostalgia for Caribbean life. Its purpose is to celebrate the beauty of our culture and of life in between cultures: the music, the language, colors and, above all else, the JOY!

If you share any of my interests, want to learn about custom bag orders for weddings or just want to chat, please drop me a line here or write me at rita@andapal.com. I always love meeting new people!

Thanks and hugs!