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My unique Puerto Rican products and gifts will have you laughing and screaming ¡Anda Pa'l! :)

¡Hola/Hello! Soy Rita.

I'm from sunny San Juan, PR but my hunt for adventure led me to Seattle, WA where I live with my Austrian husband. The sun barely comes out to play in this rainy corner of the world, so I came up with a coping mechanism: fun, witty bags! My pouches are 100% inspired by nostalgia + designed and screen printed by yours truly. They're made from a thick, lush canvas fabric that can hold almost anything. They're the perfect Puerto Rican gift for yourself (no shame in that!), that awesome Boricua friend in your life or anyone who loves and misses our island. Wherever the road takes you, they'll help you carry a bit of home with you.

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